Ranking the Yankees’ top 10 trade targets with Madison Bumgarner, Marcus Stroman high on the list

CBS Sports

The single July 31 trade deadline is less than two weeks away. The first place New York Yankees are expected to be among the most active teams prior to the deadline, and in fact, they've already been busy. They added Edwin Encarnacion last month, and, more recently, they brought in Terrance Gore as their late-season pinch-runner.

As always, pitching will be the top priority for the Yankees prior to the deadline. They are still without ace Luis Severino, who is rehabbing his shoulder/lat injury and is weeks away from joining the team. Here's what GM Brian Cashman said about his team's deadline plans during a recent radio interview:

"Our interest is improving our pitching. Certainly the target would be to continue to reinforce the rotation because obviously that's where the majority of your innings are going to have to come from, and we have a long way to go. Those innings are vitally important. We're going to target starting pitching, and if not, we're going to continue to reinforce the bullpen. Bottom line is just trying to add quality to what we already have." 

There is no slam dunk ace on the trade market this summer. No Justin Verlander, no Cole Hamels, no one like that. There are several quality pitchers available, however, and it seems like only a matter of time until the Yankees land someone. Who? I'm not sure, exactly. But the Yankees adding a starting pitcher feels like an inevitability.

Since the trade deadline is rapidly approaching, we here are CBS Sports are going to rank the top 10 trade targets for various contending teams these next two weeks, starting today with the Yankees. Here are the 10 best fits for the Yankees leading up to July 31.

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