NBA Rumors: How Russell Westbrook Could End Up With The Timberwolves


Ever since the shocking news early Saturday morning that the Los Angeles Clippers had signed Kawhi Leonard and that they were trading for Paul George from the Oklahoma City Thunder to bring in with him, many eyes have turned to the Thunder and their one remaining superstar, Russell Westbrook.

The veteran guard, per ESPN, is “talking next steps” with Oklahoma City, and that could include a trade away from the Thunder, the only team for which Westbrook has played in his 11-year career. The Thunder, who acquired five first round picks from the Clippers in the George deal, are positioned to begin a rebuilding campaign, and it would follow for them to consider parting with their highly paid star. The Thunder are also thought to want to reduce their luxury tax burden.

Any team trading for Westbrook would also be acquiring one of the largest contracts in the game, which has four years and $170 million remaining on it, per ESPN. Westbrook signed that “supermax” deal in 2017.

Among teams mentioned as possible destinations for Westbrook in the early rumor mill are the Miami Heat and New York Knicks. Another team is the Minnesota Timberwolves, who are known to be looking for a new point guard, and recently missed out on another player named Russell: D’Angelo Russell.

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