Why the Tigers might have a harder time than expected trading Nicholas Castellanos

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With the trade deadline just over a month away, we're starting to develop a better sense of who will be made available in talks. The Detroit Tigers, for example, are expected to continue shopping every veteran on the roster, including starter Matthew Boyd and closer Shane Greene. Both figure to have their fair share of suitors leading up to the deadline. The inverse might be true of outfielder Nicholas Castellanos, who may find himself frozen out of the silly season.

Castellanos is essentially a homebrewed J.D. Martinez. He's relatively young (this is his age-27 season) and accomplished (this will be his fourth year in a row with an OPS+ over 100), but he's more of a good hitter than a great one — and his athleticism has never translated into him being even a scratch defender at either third base or in the corner outfield. In an ideal world, some team slots him in at DH (or first base) and that's where he spends the next decade. 

Earth is not an ideal world, however, and there are various factors working against Castellanos being a sure bet to be dealt ahead of the deadline. His market is being limited by his skill set, sure, but the Tigers are said to be asking for a lot in return — especially considering they have little stated interest in extending him, and that league sources believe he'll have to settle for a one-year deal when he reaches free agency this winter. There's also the complexion of the American League playoff race.

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