Andre Iguodala Clarifies Comments on Warriors Training Staff, Kevin Durant

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One day after making some waves with his comments in regards to how the Golden State Warriors have handled injuries in recent years, Andre Iguodala clarified his remarks.

While talking to Mark Medina of the Mercury News, Iguodala made it clear that he did not believe there was any "internal pressure at all" as he worked his way back from a leg injury during the 2018 postseason:

"I don't think it was internal pressure at all. It had nothing to do with me. When you read an MRI, it can be read so many different ways. Even if I thought what it was or they thought what it was, we were all clear and on the same page. My leg was stable. In that area, even if you have a bruise or a fracture, it is very similar. People don't realize that. We were both on the same page that it was stable and that part of the body was fine to go play. Regardless of what I thought it was or what they thought it was or what anybody thought it was, we were all on the same page that I was good to go. It was a stable leg."

Iguodala missed six games late in last year's playoffs, including the first two games of the 2018 NBA Finals, with what was called a "bone bruise" publicly. However, the veteran revealed on The Breakfast Club on Tuesday that he had actually fractured his leg:

That revelation brought scrutiny upon Golden State's training staff, especially in the wake of Kevin Durant's Achilles injury.

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