Report: Florida State AD explains how Jimbo Fisher ‘pulled the ripcord’ in final season

CBS Sports

After going 5-7 in his first season at Florida State and overseeing the end of the program's 36-season bowl streak come to an end, predictably, there are a lot of Florida State fans who have already given up on Willie Taggart. If the Seminoles don't turn things around quickly in 2019, the calls for Taggart's head will only grow louder.

But as Bleacher Report's Matt Hayes chronicled in an extensive feature on Seminoles football, those blaming Taggart for Florida State's woes are probablay targeting the wrong person.

Hayes spoke with Taggart, officials in the Florida State athletic department and former FSU assistant coaches. The conclusion? The onus of the blame for Florida State's current condition is the man Taggart replaced: Jimbo Fisher.

"We were 5-6 in Jimbo's last season when [Fisher] pulled the ripcord," Florida State athletic director Dave Coburn told Bleacher Report. "If we didn't buy that hurricane makeup game, the bowl streak would've ended then."

According to those that spoke with Hayes, the problems within the program boiled down to a few critical issues toward the end of Fisher's tenure. A lack of accountability both on the field and in the classroom — namely with Jameis Winston — as well as recruiting misses at the quarterback position.

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