Jesse Puljujarvi remains strong trade option for Oilers

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Early this morning, a Finnish hockey site kicked a hornet’s nest when they reported that Jesse Puljujarvi could be signing with Jokerit Helsinki of the KHL with an announcement coming as early as today. As it turns out, the team did reveal a couple of new players (Antti Niemi and Sami Lepisto) but Puljujarvi’s name was not among them, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it couldn’t happen in the future. So what’s going on? Let’s break it down together.

Looking at the reports and tweets that were coming out this morning, my first cynical thought was to wonder if using Jesse Puljujarvi’s name is just an easy way to draw in clicks. We all know that he’s struggled in his time as an Oiler and that he’s in line for a new contract this summer, which paves an easy path to the idea of him leaving for greener pastures.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Puljujarvi wouldn’t ever want to leave Edmonton, I could certainly understand why he might want a fresh start somewhere else, but I also don’t see any reason why he couldn’t get that here since we have a new coach and GM in town. Would it really be that tough a sell to tell the kid that Holland and Tippett are going to give him a clean slate to succeed when Chiarelli and McLitchcock would not? It’s possible.

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