With Andrew McCutchen hurt, the Phillies suddenly have a glaring center field problem

CBS Sports

While Major League Baseball was busy making most of the baseball world give all its attention to the draft on Monday night, Phillies outfielder Andrew McCutchen went down with a non-contact — read: Uh oh — knee injury.

The Phillies are expected to place McCutchen on the injured list. He doesn't seem optimistic …

The Phillies' situation in center field has really gotten dire in the past week-plus. 

On May 28, news broke that Odubel Herrera was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence. More recently, MLB extended Herrera's administrative leave, which means he'll likely be suspended and MLB is still working through an investigation. Once the Herrera news broke, it seemed obvious the Phillies were going to have to move McCutchen back to center. In fact, Herrera was playing so poorly that this might've been needed anyway. McCutchen has spent the overwhelming majority of his career in center and didn't move off on a regular basis until last season. 

The Phillies, after the Herrera was placed on leave, traded for Jay Bruce, who is only a corner outfielder. It looked like they would be going with McCutchen flanked by Bruce and Bryce Harper, for the most part. 

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