Cavs would need to be overwhelmed by an offer in order to trade Kevin Love

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There have been conflicting rumors regarding the Cleveland Cavaliers’ interest in trading former All-Star Kevin Love. Some insiders say that they will be willing to trade him to jumpstart their rebuild, while others are reporting that the Cavs would like to retain Love because of his veteran leadership.’s Chris Fedor wanted to shed light onto this matter. He answered some questions from fans on Twitter, including someone who asked if the Cavaliers will be willing to trade Love to the Los Angeles Lakers for the fourth pick. Fedor didn’t give a direct answer to the question, but he said, people constantly ask him the same thing over and over, so he gave a generalized response.

You’re not the only one sending the Kevin Love trade questions. But I don’t know how many other ways I can write this response before it resonates. Love is not one of the players the Cavs are looking to deal. They want him here. They believe his professionalism and leadership are important. He’s the kind of player any team should want around a young group because of the daily example he sets.

Would the Cavs move him in the right deal? Sure, they would consider it. No one should be labeled untouchable this early into the rebuild.

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