Alvin Gentry loves idea of having a Lonzo Ball, Jrue Holiday backcourt

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Raw talent probably isn't going to determine who makes the best offer for Anthony Davis. With Jayson Tatum losing significant value and no teams in the running for Davis landing a top-two pick in the NBA Draft, the Pelicans are probably going to make a decision based on fit above all else. They need to decide who makes the most sense alongside Zion Williamson and Jrue Holiday moving forward.

And on an appearance on ESPN LA’s “Mason & Ireland,” Pelicans beat writer Andrew Lopez gave the Los Angeles Lakers a bit of good news. He reported that, while the Lakers are still trailing the Boston Celtics, Pelicans Head Coach Alvin Gentry is very interested in Lonzo Ball (h/t Christian Rivas of Lonzo Wire).

"It’s probably Boston first and then I’d put the Lakers second," Lopez said. "The Lakers do have good assets that people in the Pelicans’ organization value. For instance, Alvin Gentry loves the idea of having a Lonzo Ball-Jrue Holiday backckourt. LaVar Ball does not love the idea of a Lonzo Ball-Jrue Holiday backcourt, so that makes things a little bit complicated. They like some of the guys higher in the draft."

Ball and Holiday have very complementary skill sets. Holiday is far more of a scorer than a distributor, so he has always thrived next to point guards who could handle the bulk of the shot-creation load offensively. His best season came with Rajon Rondo starting alongside him, and Ball, at this point, is simply a far better version of Rondo. Holiday is far from an elite three-point shooter, but he has been slightly above average for his career, so he could at least provide some spacing alongside Ball if his shot doesn't progress. They are two of the best defensive guards in basketball, so they would be menacing in the same backcourt.

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