2019 Buyout Window To Open June 15th

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While St. Louis’ 2-1 win over San Jose on Friday night to tie the Western Conference Final was significant in itself, it also played a role in locking in a key day on the offseason calendar.  The schedule for the Stanley Cup Final has been set which means the buyout window is now locked in as well.  The window opens up on the later of June 15th or 48 hours after the conclusion of the Stanley Cup Final.  The latter can end no later than June 14th which means that teams will have to wait until the 15th to begin the process of buying out players.

As a refresher on the rules, players must pass through unconditional waivers in order to be bought out unless they have a no-move clause.  In those instances, the player can simply block the waiver placement and accept the buyout.  Injured players cannot be bought out.  The standard cost to buy a player out is paying two-thirds of his remaining salary (excluding signing bonuses which are 100% payable) over two times the remaining term on the contract.  That applies for anyone 26 and over.  If a team wants to buy out someone younger than that (a rarer occurrence), the cost drops to one-third of the remaining salary.

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