Behind the scenes of the final straw in the Jets rift between Adam Gase and Mike Maccagnan

New York Daily News

Where’s the camera?

Adam Gase’s frustration was palpable.

He had spent months grumbling about decisions, non-decisions and just about everything else on One Jets Drive. People around him brushed it off as “Adam being Adam,” but there was an underlying uneasiness that wasn’t going to disappear until one massive change was made.

The draft was the final straw for CEO Christopher Johnson, who had reservations about retaining Mike Maccagnan after the season before he finally fired the general manager and lieutenant Brian Heimerdinger this week.

Along the way, Gase seized an opportunity to gain control with a savvy play in the strangest sort of passive-aggressive power struggle that included petulance, back-door bad-mouthing and obliviousness.

Johnson took the heat in the wake of the firings, looking like a lost, indecisive soul.

“He sees the good in everybody,” a current Jets employee said of Johnson in the wake of the acting owner’s unorthodox moves. “He just doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

The signs were all there in the run-up to – and during – the draft. Gase was understandably angry at the whole damn process. (More on that later.)

So Gase strategically distanced himself by first locating the war room camera. He had a seat next to Johnson that would have been in the view of the camera.

“He literally took his seat and moved it (out of camera view),” said a current team employee that was in the war room. “That was extreme.”

Gase wanted to wash his hands of the draft before it even began, according to sources. Eyewitnesses told the Daily News that he was oddly detached for all three days. This was a Maccagnan Production through and through. Gase stayed out of the way, rarely giving input on trade possibilities or prospects when the Jets were on the clock. There was no point that Gase ever fought for or objected to any of Maccagnan’s picks.

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