Report: NBA executives think Lakers can land Anthony Davis and Kyrie Irving

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The Los Angeles Lakers aren't viewed as the favorites to land any specific star free agents this summer, but that doesn't mean that they are out of the running entirely. In fact, superstars are swayed during July meetings all of the time. LeBron James was expected to sign with the Chicago Bulls in 2010 before free agency began. He wound up with the Miami Heat. What the world thinks in May and what actually happens in July are often two very different things. All that matters is that the Lakers get into the room with top players.

And according to Ian Begley of SNY, NBA executives believe the Lakers will be able to do just that. He reported that a dream summer in which the Lakers land not one, but two superstars is not only possible, but "very realistic" in the eyes of some around the league.

"One executive keeping tabs on free agency said on Wednesday that the scenario of [Anthony] Davis, [Kyrie] Irving and LeBron James playing together in Los Angeles next season remains something that he and other opposing execs see as 'very realistic," Begley wrote. "It's worth noting the executive was speaking speculatively based on conversations he'd had with others, but that's a scenario certainly worth keeping an eye on."

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