Detroit Lions will try to repair relationship with Calvin Johnson

Detroit News

It's been more than three years since Calvin Johnson retired from the NFL, and in the time since, his relationship with the Detroit Lions has remained strained. Team president Rod Wood is making it a top priority this offseason to mend the fences between the organization and one of its all-time great players. 

"I haven't really talked to Calvin in the last little bit," Wood said at the team's "Taste of the Lions" event at Ford Field on Wednesday night. "It's kind of funny that you asked. I had it on my agenda today to talk internally about some things to re-approach him about getting back involved. That's on the agenda this year, reaching out to him. We have Barry coming in this week for a couple events and I want to try to find a way to do something similar to what we've been doing with Barry (Sanders), if Calvin would be interested."

Johnson's frustrations with the Lions are two-fold. A year after his retirement, he noted his disappointment the team wouldn't let him out of his contract to pursue a Super Bowl championship. Then, after he retired, the team sought back a portion of his signing bonus, reportedly $1 million. 

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