Seattle expansion franchise has questions, looks to fans for answers

The Seattle expansion franchise that will begin play in 2021-22 and become the NHL's 32nd team is turning to its fan base to help make some key decisions, starting with its name and colors.

NHL Seattle launched an interactive fan portal site,, on Thursday and posted several poll questions for their new fans to weigh in on; according to the Seattle Times, a link to the site was sent via email to the 33,000 fans who either made season-ticket deposits or are on an extended waiting list.

During its first 24 hours, the fan portal site reportedly received 50,000 responses from the public. 

NHL Seattle is looking for insight from the folks who will fill the New Arena at Seattle Center, but at the same time is taking a tongue-in-cheek approach.

Asking fans "What type of team names do you like the most?" elicits responses including "mythical creatures," "sea animals," "historical references" and one sure to stoke a local rivalry, "anything that eats Canucks."

Preferred team colors is another query, with choices including "green and blue," "green and something else," "blue and something else" and "anything but green and blue," again poking fun at their future rival to the north in Vancouver.

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