Odell Beckham Jr. clarifies his comments about turning the Browns into the new Patriots

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Maybe it was the kilt and ripped tux sleeves that had him feeling all bold and dauntless.

Whatever the case, Odell Beckham Jr. found himself telling GQ The Magazine on Monday night at the Met Gala that he hoped to stick around long enough to help turn the Browns into a dynasty — the new Patriots, if you will.

The remarks made it rain criticism for Beckham on social media and elsewhere, and he took to Instagram on Thursday to pump the brakes a little on his remarks.

“Just to clarify, I will always aspire to be great,’’ he wrote out in text in his Instagram story. “I haven’t reached that point in the NFL but that’s what we all chase and I’m going to continue to work to help the Browns become great. [I] never meant the Browns are the new Patriots or going to be the new Patriots. I just have great respect for what they’ve done but definitely recognize the work that has to be done to get there.”

He noted that everyone should want to be like the team that has won six Super Bowls with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

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