Will NFL overtime rules be changing in 2019? Cowboys showing serious support for Chiefs’ proposal

CBS Sports

The NFL’s overtime rule could be undergoing a big change this offseason and that could all happen before the end of the month. 

The league’s 32 owners are scheduled to get together for their annual spring meeting starting May 20, and when that happens, one of the hottest topics is going to be overtime. Back in March, the Chiefs proposed a new rule that would have called for both teams to get an offensive possession in overtime, even if the first team to possess the ball scored a touchdown. 

Unfortunately for the Chiefs, owners couldn’t agree whether or not to approve the new rule, so the proposal was put on ice until May. This time around, the proposal might have a better shot of passing and that’s because the Chiefs are now getting some serious support from the Dallas Cowboys. 

During an interview with Pro Football Talk this week, Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said that his team would likely be voting in favor of making the change. However, Jones, who’s on the competition committee, couldn’t say whether or not the rest of the members of the committee agreed with him. 

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