Matt Kemp’s potential landing spots: Indians, Dodgers, Yankees among teams who could use veteran outfielder

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On Saturday the Cincinnati Reds released veteran outfielder Matt Kemp, who is currently recovering from a fractured rib. Kemp hadn't played well for the Reds when he had been healthy, hitting just .200/.210/.283 in 62 plate appearances. Factor in his unavailability and the Reds' recent decision to promote top prospect Nick Senzel, and the divorce made sense.

Because Kemp has a track record of hitting (he was an All-Star as recently as last season) and because he'll soon be available for the league-minimum wage, it stands to reason that he's going to draw interest from a number of clubs. We are nothing if not messy, so we decided we'd recklessly speculate on five teams who may check in on Kemp's status over the coming weeks.

Note that this is guesswork rather than some scientific endeavor. Also note that the teams are listed below in alphabetical order rather than in order of perceived interest or likelihood.

Cleveland Indians

Cleveland has all the necessary attributes for signing Kemp. Bad offense? Check. Predilection for cheap players? Absolutely. Willingness to see if a veteran has one more run? Oh, yeah. Already Cleveland has given nearly 120 plate appearances to Hanley Ramirez and Carlos Gonzalez. Neither has made the most of the opportunity. Kemp may not either — especially since this would be his first burn as a DH — but try enough hats on and eventually one will fit.

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