Dabo Swinney ‘disappointed’ in Clemson football program being referenced in hoops trial

CBS Sports

The federal corruption trial into college basketball is wrapping up its second week in New York, and it has dipped into the college football world a couple of times — including a conversation caught on a wiretap that references the Clemson football program.

The conversation from July 2017 caught former Clemson basketball assistant coach Steve Smith discussing the recruitment of former Duke hoops star Zion Williamson. According to CBS Sports' Matt Norlander, Smith was talking about Clemson's recruitment of Williamson to defendant Christian Dawkins and an undercover FBI agent when he referenced how he felt Clemson's basketball recruiting methods relate to those of the football program.

"That's why football is so successful, is if you do it and use resources at Clemson, like you can really keep everything tight," Smith said.

"It's a small college town," he later said. "You can come to a game one night, after the game, you see a dude out there in a nice looking suit, you like, 'wait a minute now.'"

Prosecution witness Marty Blazer, a former financial advisor, testified: "I understood that to mean boosters would give certain things."

Clemson coach Dabo Swinney was asked Thursday to respond to the references to the football program during a booster club event in Florence, South Carolina. 

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