Raiders GM Mike Mayock now on the other side of NFL Network draft analysis

USA Today

Just like old times, Mike Mayock was game for the traditional “Stump the Truck” exercise he used to engage in during his years as lead draft guru for the NFL Network.

Only this time, Mayock was actually on the clock.

The Oakland Raiders’ rookie GM nonetheless decided to play along during the latter stages of the draft on Saturday after a getting a text-message request from one of his former colleagues, producer Charlie Yook. And yes, he stumped the crew in the production truck – the objective is to dig up highlight footage of an obscure prospect – by texting back the name of Quinton Bell.

The twist? Bell, a defensive end from Prairie View A&M, was the Raiders’ seventh-round pick and Mayock’s final selection in his debut draft. The timing was such that the crew on the set at Mayock’s old job mentioned his “stump” pick at nearly the precise moment when the real pick was announced at the draft in Nashville.

“I thought we could have a little fun with it, and it was cool,” Mayock said after the draft.

It was an interesting convergence of old job meets new job. The selection of Bell symbolized of how the process is supposed to work as Jon Gruden’s personnel chief. Internally, scouting coordinator Teddy Atlas III kept pushing for Bell, a 240-pounder who runs the 40 in 4.4. Mayock was ultimately convinced. Add with the made-for-TV element, theatre won – at least on that pick.

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