Moser staying at Loyola-Chicago after reportedly rejecting St. John’s

Chicago Tribune

Every coach in the business gave Porter Moser the same advice: Take the job. Sign the juicy contract. Play in the Garden. Move up to the Big East.

But they don’t know Moser as well as Moser knows himself.

“You can be rich without the dollar signs,” Moser told the Tribune on Tuesday afternoon after turning down an eight-year deal from St. John’s worth a reported $17 million to $18 million to remain at Loyola.

George Bailey from “It’s a Wonderful Life” needed a long stretch to realize how good he had it. Moser needed less than 24 hours.

“Their AD was great, a Duke guy,” Moser said of being courted by St. John’s athletic director Mike Cragg. “It’s the Big East and Madison Square Garden and all that.

“But when you step back and look … I’ve put so much blood, sweat and tears into this program. We have a new practice facility. I got two commitments Sunday morning, and the moms were hugging me. And then I’m calling three days later to tell them (I’m leaving)? I can’t do that.”

Moser turned down UNLV after the season. And now he’s rejecting St. John’s, even though he has received no assurance he’ll get a raise from his approximate $900,000-a-year salary.

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