Nick Saban rails against the growing ‘culture’ of underclassmen leaving early for the NFL

Montgomery Advertiser

Nick Saban is once again railing against the rising number of collegiate underclassmen leaving school early for the NFL, and that includes several of his own now-former players.

Over the last three offseasons, Alabama has had 15 total underclassmen leave for the NFL, including 12 in the last two cycles with five in 2018 and a program-record seven this January.

That contingent represents a small number in a trend nationally after 135 underclassmen chose to forgo their collegiate eligibility this year, surpassing the previous-record 119 a year ago.

“It’s the culture and it’s the trend, and I’ve actually changed how I talk to recruits now,” Saban said Saturday following the team’s second scrimmage of spring practice. “I tell every recruit that I talk to the reason that you’re going to college is to prepare yourself for the day you can’t play football. I think we have a lot of people way back in high school, aight, that look at college as a conduit to get to the NFL. And … we’ve had six or seven guys here that had second- or third-round grades that became top-15 and first-round draft picks and made a significant amount of money doing that, so there’s some really good examples of guys that did it that way. … But I don’t think that, (and it’s) not just our players, there’s a significant amount of players that are not making good business decisions about what they do.”

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