Why the Seahawks should wait before making a decision on Russell Wilson

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The Seattle Seahawks and quarterback Russell Wilson are at that inevitable place contracts often lead. For the home team, it’s about how much and when to spend. For the QB, it’s about how much is guaranteed and in his pocket on signing day.

Wilson has been a stand-up guy in Seattle and is looking to get paid. He has most certainly earned it. But in the National Football League, that doesn’t always mean what it should. For the Seahawks, a team not necessarily in rebuilding mode, it’s about how good they can be in 2019. It’s about the potential of winning the NFC West. It’s also about how close they are to making a legitimate Super Bowl run.

This also means signing Wilson by April 15 should not be a priority in Seattle.

How do the Seahawks stack up in the division and the NFC?

The question for the Seahawks is about where they are in a division with a clear leader in the Los Angeles Rams, and an up-and-coming squad in the San Francisco 49ers. LA is clearly the best in the West and will be for the foreseeable future.

Further, when scanning the NFC as a whole, how close are they to teams like the New Orleans Saints, Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys?

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