Lakers’ Lonzo Ball to make own business decisions, starting with new agent

Los Angeles Times

Having parted ways with his agent, Lonzo Ball is searching for a new one.

Creative Artists Agency has emerged as a front-runner to represent Ball, but he and his team are evaluating prospective agents, according to people familiar with the process.

While word is spreading around the agencies that LaVar Ball is driving the search, Lonzo Ball told The Times on Thursday night that he alone will make his business decisions. Asked specifically if his father was involved, Lonzo Ball said no.

A person familiar with the situation said LaVar Ball has not participated in any official discussions about his son’s future business dealings as Lonzo Ball’s team of attorneys and advisors determines how to remove him from the orbit of Alan Foster, a man who they allege stole millions of dollar from him and mismanaged his finances.

On Tuesday, Lonzo and Big Baller Brand, a company Lonzo Ball owns 51% of, sued Foster and are asking for damages of more than $2 million. LaVar’s name did not appear anywhere on the complaint.

The lawsuit alleges that Foster made withdrawals of more than $1.5 million that remain unaccounted for and used ill-gotten funds to make purchases in Ethiopia as a way to hide the money. It also said Lonzo Ball, as the majority owner of Big Baller Brand, had removed Foster as a manager of the company.

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