Kyle Guy and his fiancee say they were told their wedding registry violated NCAA rules

Washington Post

Virginia guard Kyle Guy’s wedding planning had gone full steam ahead since he was engaged last year to Alexa Jenkins, including recently posting a gift registry online.

But the couple said this week that they were told that simple act is an NCAA no-no.

Jenkins posted a tweet Wednesday, since deleted, that read in part: “Hope you weren’t planning on buying anything off there bc ncaa compliance said it was a violation so i had to make it to where only i can see it.”

Guy confirmed as much during the Cavaliers’ open locker room session Thursday afternoon at U.S. Bank Stadium, where top-seeded Virginia is set to face No. 5 Auburn in the Final Four on Saturday night.

“Yeah, that was crazy to me that that’s illegal because that’s what a registry’s for,” Guy said, somewhat incredulous. “Yeah, NCAA said it was illegal, so I’m not going to argue with it right now. I’m going to try to win a national championship, and we’ll open that book.”

Joe Kinsey, founder of the irreverent sports blog Busted Coverage, initially shared the link to Guy and Jenkins’s gift registry in a post published Monday. Then he received a cease and desist letter from Kelly Korras, Virginia’s associate director of compliance.

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