The beginning of a new era of Giants baseball

CBS Sports

The glory days of 2010-14 are over. The San Francisco Giants have lost 187 games the last two seasons, fifth most in baseball, and they overhauled their front office this past offseason. GM Bobby Evans was let go and Farhan Zaidi was hired away from the rival Dodgers to become the new president of baseball operations. A new era of Giants baseball has arrived.

"When you're a franchise like the San Francisco Giants and you're at that stature, your goal should be to be the best at everything. It shouldn't be a choice of analytics or scouting or something else," said Zaidi, and analytics savant, at his introductory press conference in November. "… Let's go out and identify value where we see it and just make this team better one move at a time."

The Giants have tumbled down the standings largely because they've lacked organization depth, and because some of the big money contracts they gave out to paper over the lack of depth went bad. They made a run at Bryce Harper over the winter, mostly because they recognized his market wasn't robust, and there was an opportunity to swoop in with an offer. It didn't work.

With the Dodgers, Zaidi helped unearth hidden gems like Chris Taylor and Enrique Hernandez. The Giants are now hoping he'll do the same with them, and get them back into contention sooner rather than later.

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