Here’s why Matt Harvey could rise again in 2019

Matt Harvey's fresh start on the West Coast is sure to draw plenty of attention, given the heights of his stardom with the Mets and how far he fell.

If Harvey can build on what he started with the Reds last season and revitalize his career with the Angels, it'd be one heck of a comeback story. But is there reason to believe in Harvey in 2019? Will he ever look anything like the bulldog he used to be on the mound?

He's got a chance. Here's why.

Harvey started to get velocity back
Harvey's injuries sapped the life from a once-overpowering fastball. In his last great season in 2015, his fastball was averaging a career-high 96.6 mph. By the early goings of 2018, it had dropped all the way to 92.6 mph, a career low. It was a steady decline, traveling through the focal points of Thoracic outlet syndrome in '16 and a stress fracture to the scapula in his throwing shoulder in '17.

But after the Mets traded Harvey to the Reds in May, he started to recover some of what he'd lost. His average fastball velocity jumped by 1.7 mph to 94.3 mph for his Reds tenure overall, including reaching a season-high 94.6 mph in September.

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