Cubs, Kris Bryant are looking for motivation in all the wrong places

Chicago Sun-Times

One person’s motivation is another person’s rolled eyes.

You, a glove maker, are sure that you work harder because your company gives the employee with the highest production numbers a $50 gift certificate to Bed Bath & Beyond. I, a coworker, respond that the only way I’ll push myself more is if “Beyond’’ means “Beer.’’

As they try to recapture the spirit that helped them to a World Series title and three straight National League Championship Series appearances, the Cubs are looking for inspiration in some odd places. Third baseman Kris Bryant says he’s using 2018 trade speculation and the Twitter insults of fans unhappy with his play last season to motivate him. The organization, meanwhile, is irritated by a PECOTA projection that has the team winning 79 games and finishing last in the NL Central in 2019. Someone posted the information on a bulletin board inside the Cubs’ spring-training clubhouse.

If you can’t find motivation anywhere except on social media and in an algorithm, you’re facing an 0-2 count before you’ve even stepped to the plate. Reading what insane fans have to say about anything is not recommended for a functioning person. But if you have made that mistake, you know you’re not dealing with the top brass of humanity. You’re dealing with people who have way too much invested emotionally in a sports team. Some of them, to their credit, can spell.

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