Chelsea loses EFL Cup final against Manchester City after star goalkeeper refuses substitution

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Let's get one thing clear — players are supposed to listen to their coach, follow instructions and do what's in the best interest of their team. Now, there are always mistakes, but what happened to Chelsea in the EFL Cup final against Manchester City on Sunday could spell the end to the Maurizio Sarri era. He decided to sub off his goalkeeper, Kepa, late in extra time with the young Spanish player refusing to come off, undermining his coach and the club in the process. Here's everything you need to know about the bizarre incident in Chelsea's loss.

What happened?

Late in the final, with the score 0-0, Kepa complained about an injury. He even raised his arm and was looked at by the medical staff. So Sarri decided to take him off and use backup Willy Caballero in the penalty kick shootout. But Kepa claimed that he was fine and refused to come off the field, which infuriated Sarri and his assistants.

Did it have a big impact on the result?

Caballero, of course, used to play for Manchester City. He's a quality penalty kick stopper, he knows the other players and their tendencies well, and yet he didn't get his chance. City went on to beat Chelsea in the shootout, 4-3, with Kepa saving one and blowing another save he looked to surely have. 

As to whether it had an impact, it's is hard to tell. We can't really attribute the failed save on Sergio Aguero to him being injured, and there is no guarantee that if Caballero were to have played that Chelsea would have won. 

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