Brad Stevens says he’s disappointed in himself after Celtics’ loss to Bulls: ‘I have to do better’


The Boston Celtics beat the Bulls by 56 points the last time they played in Chicago on Dec. 8.

Granted, Chicago is a different team since that point, and winners of its last three games, but there is no way to cut the Celtics’ 126-116 loss to the Bulls than as a black eye.

It’s hardly the first time this season the Celtics have let a game they were heavily favored in, or held a massive lead in, get away from them. Boston has defined inconsistency at times, following up Thursday’s gutsy performance against the Milwaukee Bucks with a clunker in Chicago against a team that entered with 15 wins and was on the backend of a back-to-back.

There clearly are things to be sorted out for the Celtics, and after the loss, Brad Stevens started with himself.

“At the end of the day, and I have said this before, I am disappointed in myself. And I have got to do a lot better,” Stevens told reporters after the game, as seen on NBC Sports Boston’s postgame coverage.

Stevens has shouldered the weight following losses like this in the past, including after the Celtics’ loss to the Los Angeles Clippers when they blew a 28-point lead.

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