Giants grab Nick Vincent on a minor league deal

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Something’s amiss in Baseball if a reliever like Nick Vincent is still available after pitchers and catchers have reported and can only get a minor league deal. The 7-season veteran entered his final year of arbitration this offseason and became a victim of Seattle’s sudden rebuild plan. He made $2.75 million last year as the Mariners’ 7th inning guy and he was good enough that Jerry DiPoto didn’t want to pay him. Their unforced error is the Giants’ gain, because Nick Vincent is a really strong arm.

I say that something’s amiss because teams always need pitching and you’d think reliable arms would always have value. We don’t yet know the terms of the deal, but it’s fair to assume Vincent will earn far less than last year’s $2.75 million salary should he make the team. Of course, there’s no guarantee that he makes the team out of Spring Training, and that’s because he might be good enough that Farhan Zaidi simply trades him to another team before Opening Day.

How good is Nick Vincent? He’s no Blake Treinen or Edwin Diaz, of course, but just going off of strikeout rate, his 23.8% put him 87th in baseball, a tenth of a percent behind Joe Kelly who signed a 3-year $25 million deal with the Dodgers this offseason. He was ahead of Pedro Strop, Ryan Madson, and Adam Warren — really good plus-stuff relievers. His strikeouts per 9 of 9.1 would’ve been fourth-best on the team, just behind Tony Watson. Vincent has struck out 332 batters in 332 career innings and sports a career FIP of 3.09.

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