Report: Lakers still concerned over LeBron James’ groin injury

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It appears as though the Los Angeles Lakers have more concerns than whether or not they will be able to lock up Anthony Davis via trade once the offseason arrives.

According to a report from Joe Vardon of The Athletic's Cleveland branch, there are concerns within the Lakers' organization that LeBron James might not be as healthy as they think as there is at least some belief that the 34-year-old forward is still feeling the effects of the groin injury which cost him nearly one-quarter of Los Angeles' regular season schedule.

"The Lakers are privately a little concerned about LeBron. Is he fully healed from the groin strain that cost him a career-worst 18 games? Is he going to pick up his intensity and propel this team back into the playoffs, as he did last year in Cleveland? James, 34, is actually averaging a triple-double for the Lakers since his return from injury (23.2 points, 10.8 rebounds, 11.0 assists), but he’s just not moving at the same speed nor is he engaging at the point of attack. That fourth-quarter moment in a loss to the Hawks on Wednesday in which Trae Young switched onto LeBron, and instead of taking the much smaller Young off the dribble LeBron casually threw the ball to Brandon Ingram in the corner? There are several examples like this."

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