Yankees’ recruiter: Older Manny Machado would have picked differently

New York Post

Carlos Beltran knows something about signing a huge free-agent contract, and while he seemed a bit stunned when he heard the news Manny Machado had agreed to a 10-year, $300 million deal with the Padres, he insisted it wasn’t a shock.

But he also believes an older Machado would have made a different decision.

“When you become a free agent, especially the first time around, I don’t blame him that he went to the team [that offered] the most money,’’ Beltran said Tuesday at Steinbrenner Field in his new role as a Yankees special adviser. “He’s trying to secure his future. I think $300 million will do that for him pretty well.”

Beltran laughed as he said it, before adding: “I do believe one thing: As a player, at the stage where he is, I can understand why he ended up in San Diego. If this would have been his second time around [as a free agent], I don’t think he’d end up in San Diego. I’m not trying to take anything away from them, but there are only like five teams in baseball that aim to win every single year.”

The Padres, he noted, aren’t one of them.

Beltran, who was represented by Machado’s agent, Dan Lozano, for the latter part of his career, was at the December dinner when the Yankees hosted Machado in New York.

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