Warriors reportedly ‘have no idea’ what Kevin Durant will do after season

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The Golden State Warriors obviously would prefer to figure out a way to keep Kevin Durant in the fold, but a report suggests the team has been left completely in the dark about the superstar’s plans in the upcoming offseason.

Durant is expected to decline his $31.5 million player option for 2019-20 season, and with speculation running rampant about whether or not this is his last season with the Warriors, The Athletic’s Frank Isola reports Golden State has no clue how things will play out this summer.

“We have no idea what he’s going to do,” a Golden State source told Isola. “Everyone wants him to stay. There’s not much more we can sell him on. If he leaves, we’ll think of it as being lucky to have him for three great years.”

The prevailing belief going back to as far as the start of the season is that there is a decent chance Durant is as good as gone regardless of what kind of offer the salary-strapped Warriors can craft. Further, Durant is evidently committed to “stack money” with his next deal.

Durant has been standoffish at best, downright hostile at worst, whenever the media asks him about his future. Durant’s clear aversion to discussing such issues became abundantly clear recently when he reacted to rumors that he could conceivably join the New York Knicks.

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