David Blough trying to continue following in Drew Brees’ footsteps

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They both played high school football in Texas. They both played college football at Purdue. They both play quarterback. They both have the initials DB.

Drew Brees measured barely over 6 feet at the 2001 combine and weighed 213. David Blough measured 6-0 3/8 at the East-West Shrine Game and weighed 205.

“That’s why I went to Purdue,” Blough said during a break in his training at the Michael Johnson Performance Center. “Guys like Drew Brees who have come before. I wanted to be the next one at Purdue in that legacy. Now, I have that opportunity to take that next step, and he’s the best of the best, the most professional of the professionals. I think if I can learn from him, he’s the best to learn from. I’ve got a long way to go, and that’s the way I see it. But he’s definitely one to aspire to be like.”

Brees has become a mentor of sorts for Blough, meeting with Blough and communicating with him on multiple occasions. Blough wouldn’t mind that relationship becoming a daily one in the quarterbacks meeting room in New Orleans.

The Saints will need another backup quarterback with Teddy Bridgewater entering free agency.

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