Joe Flacco trade actually made the Broncos’ Super Bowl odds worse for 2019

CBS Sports

It seems that oddsmakers aren't very impressed with Joe Flacco. 

After watching the Broncos pull off a surprising trade for the Ravens quarterback on Wednesday, Denver's Super Bowl LIV odds actually got worse at one sportsbook, which basically tells you all you need to know about how oddsmakers feel about Flacco. 

Before news of the trade broke on Wednesday morning, Bovada had Denver's odds of winning the Super Bowl next season listed at 100-1. Those odds were made with the presumption that Case Keenum would be the team's starting quarterback. After the trade went down, not only did Bovada drop the Broncos odds to 125-1, but they also improved the Ravens Super Bowl odds from 30-1 to 28-1. 

Bovada clearly isn't a fan of Flacco. 

Of course, Bovada isn't the only sports book that doesn't really seem to be a fan of Flacco. The Broncos Super Bowl odds didn't get any better in Vegas, either. 

At the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook, the Broncos were listed at 60-1 odds to win Super Bowl after trading for Flacco. The odds before the trade? They were also 60-1, meaning the addition of Flacco didn't move the needle at all. 

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