Should Eagles pay a first-round pick for Antonio Brown?

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Antonio Brown is officially on the trading block and is on the market for 31 NFL teams to acquire a seven-time Pro Bowl and four-time All-Pro wide receiver. Not many players of that pedigree at wide receiver enter the trade market in his prime, the last such player being Randy Moss in 2007 (and his value was not as high as Brown's at this moment).

Trading for a player of Brown's caliber at wide receiver comes along once every decade and would instantly make any team better. Should the Philadelphia Eagles enter the Brown sweepstakes, knowing he's the type of player that could make their offense a top-five unit in the NFL again and be a huge piece toward winning their second Super Bowl title in three years?

Amari Cooper set the bar for what a team will have to pay to get a premier wide receiver in the trade market: a first-round pick. Yes Cooper is six years younger than Brown and hasn't entered his prime, but Brown has showed no signs of slowing down either.

Brown is coming off his sixth consecutive 100-catch season, finishing 2018 with 104 catches for 1,297 yards (averaging 12.5 yards per catch) and leading the NFL with 15 touchdowns, the first time he's led the league in touchdowns and the fourth time in the last five seasons he's had double-digit touchdowns.

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