What if Bruce Arians doesn’t fix the Buccaneers?

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Scary thought, I know. But in all honesty… what happens if Bruce Arians isn’t able to turn around this team and right the ship? The Tampa Bay Buccaneers job was an interesting one if nothing else simply due to the terms of the position available. The general manager, Jason Licht, needs a fast turnaround. The owners for that matter, need a fast turnaround. Jason Licht needed an offensive minded coach to utilize the talent already here and build a scheme that Jameis Winstoncan succeed in. Add to it all that the fans are not going to continue to wait around for this team to figure it’s stuff out, these aren’t Browns fans after all. So the question at hand is simple, what happens if Bruce Arians can’t turn things around? Let’s take a quick look at what he needs to do to make magic happen in Tampa Bay.

Scheme. All things considered, Bruce Arians scheme is a big factor as to why Jason Licht singled him out of the pack of head coaching candidates. Arians pushes the ball down the field and with the offensive weapons at receiver and tight end, this football should be able to do it. Along with scheme comes the fact that the head coach is having to rely on Jameis Winston who has struggled a bit with injuries, suspension and you know… turnovers. If Bruce Arians offense fails him, there’s a good chance the quarterback will hold a lions share of the blame. Speaking of scheme, Arians will have to prove to be a dynamite schemer given the voids at left tackle and right guard that face the team immediately. Running back isn’t all that shiny either and with a limited amount of money to spend, things won’t be easy to “reload” all that fast.

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