Jets’ Darnold says he was involved in HC search


Facing the New York media is one thing. But trying to weave your way through Rockefeller Center on Christmas Eve? That was Sam Darnold’s welcome to New York moment.

Last week, the Jets quarterback capped his rookie season by sitting on a panel assembled by ACE Media to discuss athlete-driven content. Afterwards, he talked with Sports Illustrated about his erstwhile fake Twitter account, Adam Gase memes, meeting the real Odell Beckham Jr., his thoughts on podcasting, and more.

On handling the New York media…

For me it was easy to transition. It was familiar to me after being at USC, being in L.A. So, I think that made it a lot easier to transition.

What was kind of different is, the media in New York, especially when you're pro, they realize that you're a pro and you don't have anything else going on, whereas the media in L.A., when we were at USC, they understood that we weren't getting paid, we had to go to class. We had all this other stuff that we had to do.

So they were very much more, not that people in New York aren't respectful, but the people in L.A. were just more respectful of your time, because they knew how much we had to do, and that we weren't even getting paid to do media and all that. But in New York, man, it's crazy. It's crazy. But everything's been really good. There's obviously been some learning curves along the way, but it's really fun for most part.

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