Historic Oilers collapse a tipping point for fan base


It’s unraveling now, the way it seems to every season in Edmonton, at some point or another. A six-game losing streak left the Oilers tied for the second-last spot in the Western Conference Tuesday night, left fans’ jerseys on the ice and left the goalie throwing death stares at his coach.

In its brutal totality, it left their prized possession — Connor McDavid — in a place that has become all too familiar: staring at a trip to the world championships, while standing in front of a bank of cameras and microphones, answering for further failure in Edmonton.

“What does it feel like to be Connor McDavid right now?” he was asked.

“You know how I feel,” he said. “It’s frustrating.”

Leading 2-1 after 40 minutes, the Oilers surrendered five third-period goals to lose 6-2. It was a third-period collapse of some historic magnitude, not seen in a quarter century — since April 11, 1993, to be exact.

This was the third consecutive game in which Edmonton had led in the third period, only to lose. In weekend games at Philadelphia and Montreal, the Oilers dropped games in overtime, but on a freezing cold Tuesday at home, they rewarded a crowd that had ventured through minus-30 temperatures with a complete fold-down, giving up four goals in 2:48 of the third period.

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