Details on If Adnan Virk Plans to Sue ESPN For Firing Him For Leaking Info

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ESPN Fired “Baseball Tonight” and radio host Adnan Virk Friday after the company believed he failed to cooperate with an internal investigation.

In a wild sequence of events, Virk was escorted off the Bristol premises after ESPN concluded he leaked confidential information to the media. None too pleased, Virk plans to sue the worldwide leader in sports.

Adnan Virk, 40, had recently signed a lucrative contract extension with ESPN, building upon his previous nine years with the network. Contrasting the craziness of Super Bowl weekend in Atlanta, ESPN quietly made news back in Connecticut by abruptly firing popular baseball and college football host, Adnan Virk.

However, the story might be far from over, amid the developing report of Virk pursuing a lawsuit against ESPN, perhaps for wrongful termination. As The Post lays out, Virk had not been fully present for a recent conference call between MLB and ESPN officials, regarding the broadcasting plans for the upcoming MLB season.As a means of catching up, Virk then reportedly conferred with an ESPN producer after the call … for which the details of that discussion ultimately ‘matched’ the content of Awful Announcing’s detailed, yet anonymously sourced story from Jan. 28.

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