Kings’ Trevor Lewis is ready to put his best foot forward

Los Angeles Times

Trevor Lewis was already used to profound events happening in twos, but this wasn’t what he had in mind.

A father of 10-month-old twins, Lewis was practicing at the United Center in Chicago on Nov. 16 when teammate Alec Martinez hit him in the foot with what Lewis said “wasn’t even a hard shot.” Lewis continued to practice, and didn’t think much of it until he got the locker room “and as soon as I took my skate off my foot kind of blew up.”

Lewis fractured his foot, at a game-day skate, of all things.

“At that time it just kind of seemed like [that’s how] the team’s luck was going,” Lewis said.

The rotten luck reared itself two weeks later when Lewis reported for a checkup and thought he was going to get his boot removed. X-rays showed the bones hadn’t healed properly, and he underwent surgery to stabilize it, which added another month of recovery.

“That was a tough thing to get,” he said. “But it’s fixed now and they did what they had to do. Hopefully I’ll never have to deal with it again.”

The only twos Lewis and the Kings want to see going forward are his No. 22 jersey in a game. That is expected to happen during this road swing with Lewis on track to resume his depth role on the forecheck and penalty kill. The Kings have plugged in Austin Wagner, Matt Luff and Michael Amadio, among others, there in Lewis’ absence.

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