Mizzou’s NCAA sanctions could lead to seniors freely transferring out

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The NCAA levied Missouri football, baseball, and softball with a postseason ban for the 2019-20 season, after it concluded that a former tutor completed math coursework for 12 athletes in 2015 and 2016. Although Tigers AD Jim Sterk announced the school intends to appeal the NCAA’s decision, Mizzou seniors will likely be able transfer without losing any eligibility.

The NCAA prefers to let players freely transfer if they’re set to spend the rest of their college careers under postseason bans, which would include Mizzou’s current rising seniors in those three sports. From the NCAA:

On the recommendation of the Committee on Infractions, for a student-athlete who transfers to a member institution to continue the student-athlete’s opportunity for full participation in a sport because the student-athlete’s original institution was placed on probation by the NCAA with sanctions that would preclude the institution’s team in that sport from participating in postseason competition during all of the remaining seasons of the student-athlete’s eligibility

Obviously it’s unclear what will happen with the Tigers’ appeal at this point, but the process is expected to take “several months.” At this point, you could guess that at least some players might opt to transfer.

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