If Luis Severino isn’t an ace in 2019, It will reverberate this season and beyond


Every baseball club with realistic postseason aspirations requires an anchor for the starting rotation, the proverbial "ace."

World Series championship caliber teams are led by a stalwart, ever-dependent hurler that dominates more often than not or digs deep and wins when his stuff is not at its best. This pitcher exudes a bulldog mentality, provides 30-plus regular season starts and once games reach playoff intensity there isn't a hint of concern from his club when he's on the mound.

The Yankees believe they have groomed this type of pitcher in soon to be 25-year-old right-hander Luis Severino. But if he isn't what they're hoping for, they could be in serious trouble this season.

It is true that Severino can be unhittable for stretches and has demonstrated durability in his brief time in the majors. He appears to have the mindset that he's able to be the best pitcher in the game and that surely goes a long way. However, Severino has been unable to provide the Yankees complete comfort going by end-to-end in a season.

That's a problem because an even larger issue for the Yanks is that there is not a clear alternative.

Newly acquired James Paxton is talented, but he's hardly proven to be durable enough to count on for the long haul. J.A. Happ, CC Sabathia and Masahiro Tanaka are fine pitchers, but each has reached the stage in his career where complete faith to rise to the top — and do so every five days from March through October — is unrealistic.

Severino provides the Yankees with the best chance to tout an impenetrable stopper in the rotation. The "Justin Verlander" of the rotation, if you will. We can argue that the Yankees missed their chance to add Verlander a couple of years back, and incidentally New York's organizational leaders might tell you it is in part because they believed Severino was ready to be Verlander-esque as a reason they passed on the grizzled veteran.

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