Tom Brady shares one trait with LeBron: Competitiveness

Pro Football Talk

Tom Brady thinks he’s exactly like LeBron James.

“We’re similar athletes, LeBron and I,” Brady said Tuesday, smiling. “Both great size and speed. Jumping ability. Shooting.

“Not quite. Nah, he’s a much better athlete than me.”

Brady and James share the same nickname — champion — though. James has three NBA titles, three NBA Finals MVP awards and four NBA MVP awards. Brady has five rings, four Super Bowl MVP awards and three league MVP awards.

They also share a love of their game.

“Some people are born with great height; some people are born with great size, great speed; and some people are born with other things I would say are more intangible,” Brady said. “I think competitive and ability to compete has been great attribute for me. It started when I was young, and it’s really a part of my whole family. It’s definitely in my family’s DNA to compete and to win. I was always encouraged to do that.

“. . .People think you’re 41. What are you doing? And I’ll still be shooting for the stars. I’m doing something I love to do.”

Losing, though, motivates Brady as much as winning. He recently said losing Super Bowls leaves a “mental scar,” and the star quarterback expanded on that Tuesday.

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