Can Bob Nicholson Hire The Right GM?

Copper And Blue

It was my decision to hire Peter Chiarelli with Todd McLellan and I had thefoot to get Connor.


That’s Edmonton Oilers CEO Bob Nicholson on hiring Peter Chiarelli and Todd McLellan in 2015. Neither are currently employed by the team.

Bob Nicholson would like to have you believe that he’s going to hire the right person to be the next General Manager of the Oilers. I’ve got a nagging doubt that he’s going to.

Peter Chiarelli was dismissed last week during the second intermission of Edmonton’s 3-2 home loss to the Detroit Red Wings. Bob Nicholson held a media availability in Edmonton to discuss Peter Chiarelli’s time in Edmonton, as well as what to expect in the upcoming search for a new GM.

Like fans, it’s clear that Bob Nicholson is disappointed with the way things have turned recently. The Oilers sit three points out of a playoff spot at the time of this sentence. They’ve got the greatest player in the world playing in his fourth professional season, and they’re on the fence when it comes to simply making the playoffs at all. It’s fairly hard to believe that the club is in the shape it’s in right now, especially after the way the forwards were taking shape in 2015.

As much fun as we’re not having revisiting the recent past, the club’s got to play the cards that they’ve currently got. There are a handful of anchor contracts on this club (Lucic, Russell). There’s not enough talent on the wings. Oscar Klefbom comes back soon (thankfully), but the defence is in disarray without him. The next GM is going to have quite a lot on their plate.

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