The Hurricanes’ Dewan Hernandez must sit rest of season. This is his other punishment

Miami Herald

The Dewan Hernandez saga is finally over, but it is not the ending he or University of Miami basketball fans were hoping for.

The NCAA ruled on Monday that Hernandez, a junior forward, must sit out the rest of this season and 40 percent of next season for “entering into an agreement and accepting benefits from an agent.”

Hernandez had been ruled ineligible and missed all 19 games so far this season because of his connection with aspiring agent Christian Dawkins. He went through a complicated appeal process, and applied to be reinstated, but the NCAA denied his request.

An NCAA press release said: “According to the facts of the case, which were agreed upon by the university, Hernandez agreed to receive monthly payments from an agent and accepted other benefits from the individual. According to the guidelines adopted by NCAA membership, the starting point for these violations is permanent ineligibility, but the NCAA staff recognized mitigating circumstances based on the specific facts of the case when making its decision.”

Hernandez’s attorney, Jason Setchen, has maintained that no contract was ever signed and Hernandez never received any of the payments Dawkins had proposed in person or in an e-mail.

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