CBS Sports thinks the Jaguars could trade Leonard Fournette for Nick Foles straight up and excuse me?

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NFL trade value is a tricky thing. There is no objective worth of a player — a guy is worth what a team is willing to give up for him.

But CBS Sports opined some possible trade scenarios this morning involving the Jacksonville Jaguars and Philadelphia Eagles and they are wild, folks.

In short, the Eagles have two good quarterbacks and the Jaguars have none. How can we bring a balance to that? Will Brinson of CBS Sports has a few options.

Draft picks for Foles

Brinson’s first option is one where the Jaguars aren’t even (technically) giving up a first round pick for the journeyman turned Super Bowl winner.

You could work out a deal where the Jags send No. 7 and No. 69 to the Eagles for Foles, No. 26 and No. 54 (the trade value basically makes Foles worth the 28th overall pick, which is probably a reasonably fair swap), but Jacksonville is going to likely lose high-end, expensive talent to free agency as a result of salary-cap issues.

So… trade down in the first round and give up your earlier third round pick for a late second round pick and Foles. While I’m not opposed, this seems wildly unrealistic. Why would the Eagles take so little for a guy they could conceivably get a first rounder for straight up?

Fournette for Foles

This is the wildest one from Brinson and another severe undervalue of Foles’ ability, in my opinion.

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