Why the Yankees should expect Giancarlo Stanton to turn things around in 2019

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While the New York Yankees enjoyed yet another successful and impressive season, only to lose in the playoffs again, 2018 just did not have a signature Yankees feel to it. While riding the offensive performances of the smash brothers Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge, other elements of the franchise seemingly did not go how they needed to in order to extend their stay in the playoffs.

Stanton, who did his part by mashing 38 home runs and 100 RBIs, seemingly did not have as good of a season as his stats may predict. His RBI totals were down from 2017, as were his home runs, as he hit 59 long balls and knocked in 132 runs in his final season with the Marlins.

2018 was not as forgiving to Stanton, but Aaron Boone and company should expect to see Stanton’s number increase again this season for a few reasons, as he now has more offensive firepower to help shoulder the load besides Judge.

In any player’s first season with a new club, the pressure and spotlight are both shined extremely bright on the new player and he is under mogyre pressure to live up to the move that the team made in acquiring him. While everyone knows how ruthless loyal Yankees fans can be, Stanton came into the pinstripe part of the country with a huge contract to play out, as his deal runs all the way through 2028.

Stanton does have a player opt-out option in 2020 that he could use, but it is hard seeing a contract being on the table from another franchise that looks sweeter than the one that he signed with the then-Florida Marlins all the way back on Nov. 17 of 2014.

At the time, his 13-year, $325 million deal was a monstrosity for the Marlins to take on, but with their young core in place, the only way they could win was by planning for the future and by locking up key franchise cornerstones now, which is why Stanton received the monster deal.

Flash forward to present day and his contract fits nicely at the top of the payroll chart for the Yankees, as they are one of the biggest spending franchises year in and year out in the MLB, never failing to be over the luxury tax threshold. Paying for titles is their mantra, something that probably is posted somewhere in the front office or locker rooms as a reminder why they consistently remain in the playoff picture come August, September, and October.

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