Tony Romo received several offers from NFL teams in 2018

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More than a few eyebrows were just raised by Tony Romo.

The former franchise quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys ascended from the ranks of the undrafted to become the most-prolific passer in team history, but was much-maligned and vilified in the process for the continued absence of a Super Bowl ring. Anyone who followed the team closely during his time as a starter knows why that was, with questionable personnel decisions and indecisions littering the near-decade of Romo's starting tenure. Whether it was questionable protection on the offensive line, a league-worst defense or a combination of the two — team owner Jerry Jones readily admits his biggest failure as a general manager was failing to put a team around Romo that could help him win an ever-elusive sixth Lombardi trophy for the franchise.

Released following the emotional rollercoaster that was 2016, Romo is now an award-winning and Emmy-nominated NFL analyst for CBS Sports, and also has several major endorsements in tow — now seeing his pendulum swing drastically in the court of public opinion. For all intents and purposes, he's America's Sweetheart who can do no wrong, a stark contrast to when many claimed he could do no right, despite evidence to the contrary. In the wake of the Cowboys moving on from longtime offensive coordinator Scott Linehan, many are pleading with Romo to return to the team in a play-calling capacity. Instead, he's readying for what could reportedly be a network bidding war for his services in 2019.

Fans and television conglomerates aren't the only ones trying to woo Romo either, with the award-winning broadcaster confessing there are NFL teams reaching out to him as well.

"There was something earlier this season and definitely two times this offseason," he told Richard Deitsch of The Athletic.

Don't expect him to come out of the booth for them either, though.

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