‘No sense’ of 49ers being in strong pursuit of Brown, per report

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One question that has consistently lingered over the speculation surrounding the San Francisco 49ers and Antonio Brown has been whether or not the 49ers would even be interested in making a move to acquire him. NFL Network reporter Mike Garafolo gave some answers to that question during a recent interview with TSN Sports in Canada, saying that at the moment there's no sign the 49ers are moving towards a strong pursuit of the seven-time Pro Bowl receiver.

Garafolo spoke about Brown over the weekend on SC with Jay and Dan on TSN Sports, saying that despite the back and forth between Brown and 49ers players as well as Jerry Rice saying Brown "badly" wanted to be a 49er, right now there hasn't been much sign that the 49ers are interested enough to make a trade.

"There's been some flirtation on social media with him and Niners tight end George Kittle and some other references to the fact he wants to play in San Francisco," Garafolo said. "Now, the question is, are the 49ers going to want him and are they going to be able give up what it's going to take to get him there from Pittsburgh. I'm told right now, it's just Jerry Rice and Antonio Brown, who are pretty tight, putting this out there, trying to lay the groundwork for it, and the Niners haven't pursued it to that extent. The Steelers really haven't had any trade with teams at this point, so this is still going to develop going forward."

Brown, as 49ers fans are aware of by now, may be heading out the door in Pittsburgh after a falling out with the team that involved him reportedly skipping practice and meetings following a disagreement with Ben Roethlisberger in the days leading up to their final regular season game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Garafolo says Brown and the Steelers parting ways isn't a sure thing (even though team president Art Rooney II has left the door open for a trade), but added that Brown remaining in Pittsburgh might be unlikely. 

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